Oh good, finally found something puffier than my eye bags…

Yes I know, I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon pretty quickly this year… I swear I had something lined up for the red puffy jacket post (because shock horror I wore a colour) but then I just had too much to say and eventually gave up. Classic me…

ANYWAYS, you’d think I’d run out of things to say for all-black looks but I haven’t.

1) If you look up the pants and think ‘um… you linked the wrong ones, has the peroxide gone to your brain?’ it’s because they’re from Fame and Partners so I went ahead and customised them which is a pretty cool feature they offer. If you’re wondering, I went for black instead of navy (colour quota for the month had already been filled), cropped (I’m short and don’t do heels) and then added splits (I hoard too many cropped black flares that look the same already).

2) Yes, Bronte does have this jacket and I loved it so much I had to have it too. I feel like I’ve said ‘I’m going back on every trend I hate’ a thousand times this year but here’s another one to add to the list. I think my hatred for puffer jackets started when I did exchange in Paris back in high school and EVERYONE there wore them. EVERYONE. And not the cool kind, the Katmandu kind my mum lives for. They obviously came back in a big way this year with the first person to kind of convince me being Kendall Jenner in her oversized metallic gold one. Being a fan of anything oversized (even if it dwarfs by frame – I’ll deal) I knew I had to have this when I tired it on. Plus it’s cosy as and I feel like I’m wearing a sleeping bag when I wear it. Who knew I was missing out on so much?


x T

Stylenanda jacket Fame and Partners pants / LPA top / Acne boots / Nakedvice bag / Jolie and Deen Earrings

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