About Me

Déjà vu by Teresa Vu

Yep… I really dug down deep for that name didn’t I?? But look, I just couldn’t resist it

Top 10 things to know about me:

  1. I love a good pun although I’m not the best at coming up with them. I’m always in the pursuit of a good caption yet I always seem to end up posting ‘New post on the blog!’ Super creative I know!! Apologies in advance.
  2. I’ve lived in black, white and grey for about a year and a half. Not sure when and why it started but if you look back far enough, you’ll see that there once was a time I was obsessed with colour and print. I honestly think that I dyed my hair blonde and realised I didn’t look to depressing in all black and it all went uphill from there.
  3. I’m from Melbourne and I might be a bit too proud of it.
  4. I always make people guess what my background is if they ask (which is often). It’s fun watching people be so wrong. And anyways, isn’t’ the surname a dead giveaway?
  5. I taught myself how to photograph and use Photoshop. Again, if you go back far enough, you’ll notice a bit* of a shift. *a lot
  6. I use a canon 7D with a 50mm lens and edit on Photoshop Lightroom.
  7. For Instagram, I use VSCOCAM preset S2 and then snapseed for further adjusments.
  8. I’m well aware that 6 and 7 are not fun facts about me. I ran out of things to say and figured that they’re my two most asked questions. I swear that I’m more than just an alright photo editor (I think).
  9. I don’t use sarcasm correctly half of the time and people think I’m being serious. I really need to work on not deadpanning everything I say.
  10. FEMINIST!!!